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Scope of Service

Arizona Interior DesignThe first phase of the project is transforming the client's abstract ideas into a conceptual design for review and comment. Put your priorities in order in your discussions with the architect. What are your needs, desires and constraints and specify how much you want to spend. It is the architect's job to analyze what you say and discover what makes you happy, comfortable, or serene. From these discussions the architect will progress to conceptual drawings and sketches. These drawings are modified and refined, furniture layouts are studied and occasionally study models are built to communicate more effectively with the client. Also at this stage, the design has evolved enough in sufficient detail to serve as a basis for a preliminary cost estimate.

The timetable for this phase varies on the size of the project and the speed at which the client can make decisions. As the drawings evolve and more information is provided to the client, ideas will be discussed, changed or refined. It is important for the client to allow adequate time for this process. Changes to the drawings at this phase are much cheaper than physically moving walls once the house is under construction, so it is important that the client makes his or her limits/concerns clear to the architect. Remember that your ultimate goal is to create a house that will enrich your life. Not only will you be living with the design; you will be living in it.

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