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From start to finish, whenever you have a question, we will always take the time to explain everything and make sure you not only understand but that you have a complete piece of mind.

How do you charge for your services?

Architectural fees vary considerably between firms. Some firms work on an hourly fee or percentage of cost. We prefer to work with a fixed rate, based on the scope of services agreed to between the client and our firm. With the right information, we can usually provide a fee estimate after the initial meeting.

Why should I hire an architect and not a draftsman?

Architects value the experience and technical skills of a draftsman or CAD operator but it is the architect who can best speak the language of good design. For the average person, the value of design is more of an ephemeral, short lived thing rather than an element of real consequence. Typically good design is not fully appreciated or valued in the same way as something concrete or tangible. We tend to value things that are quantifiable. Quality architecture is not only difficult to quantify but, for many, is just plain difficult to even recognize. A well informed client recognizes the intrinsic value an architect brings to the project and is not willing to substitute technicians of limited accreditation. Cutting corners on construction and design undermines the value a house might have as a design object and as a desirable dwelling. The consumer needs to understand they get what they pay for and good design will continue to pay back over and above the original investment.

How much will the project cost?

Construction costs depend on a number of factors such as the scale of the project, the lot size and topography (hillside versus a level site). After having worked out a preliminary floor plan, site plan and elevations, we typically sit down with the contractor for an estimate of costs. From that point we determine if the rough square foot costs are within budget or if revisions are required before proceeding to the next phase.

Do you have a minimum and maximum size of project?

We enjoy working all types of residential projects, no matter what the size happens to be, no matter what the renovation involves.

How long will it take?

In our experience, the following guidelines provide a helpful indication of approximate timings.

Preliminary design/design development varies on the size and complexity of the project and can vary between two months for a kitchen remodel and a few months to a year for new home. The pace of design development phase is set by the client's ability to make decisions and define their 'wish list'.

If approval from a Design Review Committee is required, the client should allow 2 to 4 weeks. This time can sometimes overlap with the Construction Document Phase.

Detailed Construction documents for a new home will take approximately 2 to three months. Smaller renovation projects can be completed sooner. The time frame varies with the scope of the work.

How would you describe your style?

Good design comes in many styles but these two words "Comfortable" and "Romantic" are the characteristics of any good residential design. While we work in many period styles, you can see from our portfolio that we are also good at contemporary and minimalist schemes.